In 24 years of franchise tag,Laremy Tunsil Jersey, Minnesota Vikings have only used it twice Every organization in the NFL has players that they covet and feel they can’t do without.Dak Prescott Jersey. For the continuity of a franchise,Kirk Cousins Jersey, teams have to make the hard decisions as to who they pay and who they allow to potentially leave via free agency.Garrett Grayson Jersey. There is one other options that teams use as a last resort – the franchise tag.Eli Apple Jersey. Collectively bargained and in place since 1993,Frank Gore Jersey, the franchise tag has been a last resort for teams that can’t reach a long-term agreement with a player before free agency begins.Joe Flacco Jersey. At first,Zach Miller Jersey, the imposition of the franchise tag seemed like a windfall for players,Charles Johnson Jersey, since it typically involved a one-year deal that came with a significant pay increase.Delanie Walker Jersey. But that didn’t last long, as contracts became negotiated with an eye more to guaranteed money as opposed to the overall number associated with the contract. Very few players ever fully play out (and pay out) on long-term, nine-figure contracts. The numbers sound mind-boggling when put in terms of the full value of a contract, but the numbers are typically just window dressing beyond the amount that is guaranteed